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  • [02 / 28 / 2023] Our paper titled "NIPQ: Noise proxy-based Integrated Pseudo-Quantization" is accepted for publication in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)!
  • [02 / 20 / 2023] Minsang Seok, Younghyun Cho, Jieun Lee, Yunseon Shin, Yoonho Choi, Sangjun Lee, Jungho Lee, Changhun Lee, Boseok Kim, Jihyeok Im and Jungyu Jin joined our lab. Welcome!
  • [02 / 13 / 2023] Our paper titled "XLA-NDP: Efficient Scheduling and Code Generation for DL Model Training on Near-Data Processing Memory" is accepted for publication in IEEE Computer Architecture Letters (CAL)!
  • [11 / 07 / 2022] Our paper titled "PIMFlow: Compiler and Runtime Support for CNN Models on Processing-in-Memory DRAM with Mixed-Parallel Execution Model" is accepted for publication in IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO)!
  • [09 / 01 / 2022] Jisung Park, an assistant professor, has joined to our group

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